About Us

SEED is a development and construction company committed to providing environmentally-friendly workforce housing that is affordable to working Oregonians.

SEED Management


Owner-Developer-Chief Executive Officer-Visionary

Bill has a BS in pre-engineering and economics from Columbia University and MBA, Columbia University. Bill has over 30 years of experience designing innovative projects that are committed to social and environmental responsibility. He specializes in development and management. Bill and his wife Lydia work together to implement leading-edge development projects. Bill is the visionary backbone of the business.


Owner-Developer-Chief Operational Officer-Pragmatic

Lydia has over 30 years of experience in development and specializes in management and relationship building. Lydia also pioneered a variety of innovative technologies in elder care. Lydia and her husband Bill work together to implement leading-edge development projects. Lydia is the management backbone of the business.


Project Director

Michael has lifelong experience in development and construction, starting with his family’s business of remodeling homes in the West Hills of Portland.  He worked his way his through college doing construction. After graduating from Portland State University, his professional life took a turn toward marketing, sales and professional relationship building. 

Twenty years in the media business has given him experience across all marketing platforms and a solid understanding of different business models. Michael’s creative mind, passion for building and ability to develop effective networks of individuals and teams with diverse skills, has proven to be a vital asset to the SEED organization. 


Project Director

Upon completing his undergraduate work in psychology and business at University of Oregon, Jason went on to receive a Masters in Architecture at UCLA. With a background emphasizing energy conservation and cost-effective engineering, Jason brings a nexus between advanced design and smart building methods to the SEED organization. 

With over 20 years experience in design, architecture and construction, Jason helps distinguish SEED from the conventional builder/developer and create a replicable model for affordable, multi-family, carbon-neutral living.

Miriam Orschel

Marketing & Social Media

I am a very driven young woman who strives to be successful and accountable in life and work, looking to build on the skills I already possess as well as acquiring new ones, and bringing diversity into my work environment. In 1998, I emigrated from Germany to the United States. At the time, being from an immigrant family made me appreciate the opportunities that this country has given to my family and I. Pursuing my career, I have explored my professional path, which led me to realize my potential.



Craig is our contracted project architect. For more information on his body of work, visit his website:


We strategically partner with veteran contractors, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and for profit companies who align with our mission to build high-quality, carbon-neutral affordable housing while providing skilled employment opportunities for veterans.

The Energy Trust of Oregon has been an invaluable collaborative partner; providing insight, expertise and financial incentives geared toward helping us achieve our goal of carbon-neutral affordable housing.

Glumac’s energy engineers are important strategic partners. They are instrumental in helping us design and build high-quality, cost effective and energy efficient systems for our buildings.