Carbon Neutral Workforce Housing

SEED LLC is transforming the landscape of housing and green building, in the Willamette Valley and beyond, by designing and developing carbon-neutral, affordable multifamily housing. Our design and development process is unique in that it is collaborative, to a large degree, with external partners and is intended to foster a sense of pride, ownership and community among our development partners and residents. Importantly, our projects contribute to a healthier, more social planet.






With our innovative “Build Smart” green construction techniques, SEED is building LEED targeted workforce housing in the pacific northwest. Our expert and unwavering attention to every design detail allows us to create apartment buildings that power themselves, heat and cool themselves, foster community within, and even save money for tenants, owners, and taxpayers alike.


Since 1980, housing prices have risen by 315% in Oregon, making it difficult, if not impossible, for working Oregonians to afford quality rental housing close to job centers. We know that the lack of affordable living space in areas where rents are outpacing wages are keeping working Oregonians from living their best lives. SEED is committed to building high-quality housing that is affordable to working Oregonians.

Workforce housing is humane rental housing that is affordable, transit oriented and encourages community.

Workforce Housing Overview – National Association of Realtor

Our rental rates include utilities, often a large monthly expense for renters! The affordability of our rental units contribute to stable housing, which, in turn, provide the foundation for healthy communities. We are proud that our projects compliment or provide the foundation for thriving and happy community-oriented neighborhoods.